B400 minimum wage by New Year, says PM

B400 minimum wage by New Year, says PM

Changes in property, cover, inheritance, and foreign investment income are predicted.

B400 minimum wage by New Year, says PM
On May 1, staff hold a May Day festival from the Democracy Monument to Government House to support their cause. Wichan Charoenkiatpakul( picture )

According to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, an agreement is anticipated to increase the minimum daily salary to around 400 baht before the New Year.

The finance minister, Mr. Srettha, stated that raising the minimum wage is one of the president’s short-term plans to enhance the economic well-being of its citizens.

To persuade them of the nation’s economic probable, he had spoken to people in the small – and medium-sized enterprise and industrial sectors about the financial roadmap.

Some employees in some fields are currently paid more than 400 baht per day, but not in every county. The maximum daily salary should increase to around 400 ringgit before the New Year, or by November-December, according to the prime minister. We will look into this issue.

Depending on the state, the current maximum daily wage is between 328 and 354 baht. & nbsp,

In only three months, Mr. Srettha acknowledged it would be challenging to implement Bangkok’s 20-baht straight electric train fare plan. The related agencies and legal professionals had been in discussions with the government regarding this. The process of fully putting the policy into practice was difficult, but the government had already begun working toward & nbsp, he claimed.

In order to lessen income inequality, Mr. Srettha added that he had discussed land and property taxes, inheritance, and additional taxes with the new director-general of the Revenue Department.

He stated that beginning on January 1, taxation will also apply to those who invest in different nations and return with income.