B1.3bn fund for army, air force ‘will be scrutinised’

B1.3bn fund for army, air force 'will be scrutinised'

A 1 . 3-billion-baht fund, which was authorized in a closed-door cabinet meeting this week, is certainly accountable as it arrives under the scrutiny of the state auditor, according to army chief Style Narongphan Jitkaewthae.

His comment was consistent with the stance of acting prime minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwon who said the finance was nothing out of the ordinary.

But the fund allocated to the particular army and the air force raised eyebrows as it was authorized in secrecy from the cabinet.

Gen Narongphan mentioned the fund has been intended for paying personnel expenses. Of the 1 . 3 billion baht, the army gets the lion’s share of 760 mil baht and the air force 561 mil baht.

“Don’t worry about this particular fund. It is subject to the State Audit Office’s scrutiny, ” the particular army chief stated, adding the auditor comes in to check on this kind of funds every year.

The check out is mandated from the State Audit React.

After running the examine, the state audit normally makes a report containing details of the examination, which is presented in order to parliament. Details are explained by the condition audit and the Comptroller General’s Department.

Gen Narongphan noted the army and most other state agencies have had in order to request additional funds to settle personnel expenditures because the budget this earlier received and for the purpose was not enough.

A source in the Defence Ministry stated the fund had to be decided by the cupboard because the amount surpasses one billion baht. Any fund appreciated at less than one billion baht may be approved by the prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) alone.