B.Grimm Power bounds ahead into sustainability

B.Grimm Power bounds ahead into sustainability
Siriwong Borvornboonrutai, executive vice president of B.Grimm Power Plc, outlines the company's strategy to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
Siriwong Borvornboonrutai, executive vice president of B.Grimm Power Plc, outlines the company’s strategy to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

One of the country’s longest-established companies which started out in Bangkok as Siam Dispensary in 1878, B.Grimm is today a leading Thailand-based energy company focused on the development, financing, construction and operation of green-field power plants. Indeed, with B.Grimm Power as its investment arm, the company has pioneered the country’s emerging private power generation industry.

As the fundamental business platform of B.Grimm Power Plc, green energy is paving the way for the company to achieve its sustainable development goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, which is well ahead even of the government’s target for Thailand of 2065.

B.Grimm Power Plc executive vice president Siriwong Borvornboonrutai reveals that B.Grimm Power Plc has acknowledged the global commitment to achieve long-term sustainable development whereby economic, social and environmental growth must be brought into balance. “To achieve the goal is going to require increasing the proportion of power generation provided by green energy to 25-50% by 2030,” says Ms Siriwong, adding that the country’s current total power production capacity is at 3,338 Megawatts.

“Our target, according to our policies in place is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To achieve that, we will invest considerably in innovative technologies that increase our production efficiency and significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.”

Ms Siriwong affirms B.Grimm Power Plc’s “Empowering the World Compassionately” philosophy based on benefit-sharing with society achieved through programmes to promote and support environmental preservation and nature conservation coupled with human resources development.

For example, since 2013, the company has coordinated with the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to support the “Save the Tiger” project with financial assistance for the department’s key smart patrol project.

By equipping forestry officials with GPS tools, they are able to learn more about the habitats of Thailand’s tigers and other wildlife. Thus the Department is able to set up effective measures for protecting and conserving the tiger populations in sensitive areas. It’s all part of the company’s “Keeping Nature in Balance” aspect of its sustainability policies.

“These apex predators are critically endangered, and without them at the top of the food chain to balance the ecosystem, we all suffer,” says Ms Siriwong, who holds two master’s degrees in finance & accounting from universities in the US. “Only 200 tigers remain in the wild in Thailand, but that’s good compared to neighbouring countries where they have been wiped out completely,” she adds.

Sustainable investment is another dimension of the company’s vision. This involves earning trust in the company’s business plan among investors that the business yields good returns.

To this end, the company recently started preparations for the issuance of a Perpetual Bond for ordinary investors with a 5.75-5.95% return per year for the first five years.

Following the first five years, the interest rate is projected to rise a further 0.25-2% through the period of investment. Payments will be made every six months. The perpetual bond trade is expected to raise at least five billion baht, and investors will be able to subscribe to the offering from March 28-30.

Now with the company for nine years, Ms Siriwong has found her gender has been no barrier to her career path with B.Grimm Power Plc, a firm that promotes gender equality in the workplace as a matter of policy. As such, 50% of the company’s executive board are women. Nevertheless, given the challenging world we live in, she recommends working women prioritise self-development.

“Gender diversity and the creativity and power it brings to the table is undoubtedly one of the company’s competitive advantages driving B.Grimm Power Plc’s success. With their blend of arts and science insights and qualifications, women are well-equipped to achieve the multi-tasking performance demanded in today’s business world. Given these attributes, it only requires women to realise their own value and be brave enough to make the difficult decisions they inevitably face in business,” Ms Siriwong reflects.

“But this,” she concludes, “is the most essential requirement of all.”