Australian man fined for taking pet snake surfing

Australian man fined for taking pet snake surfing
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American wildlife officials have fined a Gold Coast man who caught himself filming himself surfing with his pet reptile.

After a viral videos of them catching waves, Higor Fiuza and his bredli floor php Shiva rose to local celebrity status earlier this month.

However, their brief fame even alerted wildlife protection officials.

They claim that by taking Shiva outside in public, the gentleman put Shiva in danger and violated his agreement to keep the snake.

The surfing duo was the subject of an investigation by Queensland’s Department of Environment and Science, which this week fined him$ 2, 322 (£ 1, 207,$ 1, 495 ) after Mr. Fiuza appeared in local media.

According to wildlife officer Jonathan McDonald, taking native animals outside in public is put them under” unnecessary anxiety” and create them” behave in an unstable way.”

Snakes are certainly cold-blooded creatures, and although they can swim, snakes typically stay away from water, he claimed.

The only reptiles that should be in the lake are sea serpents, and the python may have found the water to be really cold.

He continued,” The event also raised worries about public health and the potential risk of the python spreading illnesses to native wildlife.”

Shiva enjoys the water, according to Mr. Fiuza, who has recently told the local press that she has at least ten times surfed with him.

He told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation,” I always took her to the shore, and she loved to be in the ocean swimming, so one day I decided to take her out for a search.

She is often chilled, and she typically hisses in the water when she doesn’t like something but doesn’ hiss’ in it.

Shiva is not the first creature to gain notoriety while surfing in Rainbow Bay. Typical bird Duck has even been known to steal tides off American searching champion Steph Gilmore.

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