Alert on non-halal potato chips in Brunei supermarkets

Alert on non-halal potato chips in Brunei supermarkets

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Borneo Bulletin/Asia News Network): The Syariah Affairs Department ordered all products made by Pepsi Food (China) Ltd to be isolated to the non-halal section of supermarkets and shops.

This was a result of public complaints to the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) through the Syariah Affairs Department regarding Lay’s Grilled Pork Flavour potato chips being sold in several supermarkets and shops in the Sultanate.

Following the complaints, the Halal Food Control Division under the Syariah Affairs Department conducted an investigation and inspected the importing company to find other products from the same manufacturer.

An immediate isolation order was issued by the department and the importer informed retailers about moving the products to the non-halal section.

The MoRA reminded retailers, suppliers and importers to be vigilant about importing food as well as make sure halal and non-halal products are not sold together.

These are to protect the interests of the Muslim community and prevent them from consuming non-halal or products of dubious origins.

The ministry expressed its gratitude to the public for providing information and said tip-offs can be made directly to the Syariah Affairs Department through the Halal Food Control Division by calling 7166222 or head to the division’s offices in each district.