Airport boosts staff for visa-free scheme

Airport boosts staff for visa-free scheme
Airport boosts staff for visa-free scheme

When the new visa-free policy is implemented next week, the Immigration Bureau ( IB ) will increase officer numbers at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in anticipation of an anticipated increase in tourist arrivals from China and Kazakhstan.

The easier access policy, which was approved on September 13 and published in the Royal Gazette on Tuesday, will go into effect on Monday and last until February 29 of next year for citizens of both nations.

Pol Lt. Gen. Thatchai Pitaneelaboot, deputy police commissioner, met with officers from Immigration Division 2 at the airports on Tuesday and nbsp to examine and evaluate the officers’ readiness for welcoming the influx of visitors during the tourist great season.

After the program is implemented, the aircraft will welcome more readers, according to Pol Lt Gen Thatchai. According to him, the number of Chinese visitors is anticipated to increase significantly from 300,000 to 500,000.

When the visa-free plan is implemented at the airport during peak time to provide quick assistance, about 150 emigration police officers are ready to staff all 119 emigration counters. Before sunrise and after noon are the busiest times for airlines from China and Kazakstan. According to him, the card line should take no more than 20 minutes for each guest.

Additionally, he said, specific immigration gates for tour parties may be opened. In situation visitors require assistance, officers with specialized language skills may be assigned to multiculturalism areas.

When asked if the visa-free program will make it simpler for Chinese nationals operating in dark businesses to provide Thailand, Pol Lt Gen Thatchai replied that the Immigration Bureau has screening and background checking procedures in place to reduce the likelihood of those engaging in such operations entering the country.

According to the Tourism and Sports Ministry, Thailand welcomed 19, 000, 988 foreign visitors between January 1 and September 18 of this year, earning the nation about 795 billion ringgit.

The nation welcomed 470, 708 international visitors last month alone.