35 years of Queendom: Zoe Tay didn’t choose the Ah Jie life, the Ah Jie life chose her

35 years of Queendom: Zoe Tay didn't choose the Ah Jie life, the Ah Jie life chose her

Apart from honing her skills in acting and collecting her fair share of awards along the way, she’s also witnessed how the concept of celebrity has evolved over the years.

“Social media is so common now – showing what you’re eating, what you’re doing. You can promote yourself, if you have a show on. You can share a lot more with your audience and the people who pay attention to you. It’s not good or bad – it’s just a trend. People move on to another phase of life.”

In fact, she continued, waxing philosophical, “Everything changes without you noticing. Tapping on the phone like a computer – that didn’t come into my mind 10 years ago. TVs are no longer fat TVs – they’re flat TVs! Cars are electric. People can tour space in a spaceship. Imagine, 10 years ago, people said it was not possible.”

And that’s why she looks ahead – never back – to the next 10 years with the same take-things-as-they-come spirit she always has, since the day the Star Search crown first touched her head, 35 years ago.

“Never say never. If you never try, you never know – as long as it doesn’t hurt you. Whatever comes, just face it. Just go with the flow and enjoy it. Live in the moment.”

Senior editor Serene Seow, Art direction by Chern Ling, Senior producer Lindsay Jialin, Photography by Joel Low, Fashion styling by Joshua Cheung, Hair by Ryan Yap/Passion Hair Salon, Makeup by Peter Khor using Shu Uemura. Manicure by Ann Lim, Fashion assistance by Kelly Hsu and Leslie Lim, Photography assistance by Eddie Teo, Special thanks to Capitol Theatre and ITC Systems.