1 in 5 Ang Mo Kio SERS households have applied for new flats: HDB

1 in 5 Ang Mo Kio SERS households have applied for new flats: HDB

To date, 117 from 606 Ang Mo Kio SERS households  have applied for a new flat in possibly the May or August 2022 BTO or SBF workouts, HDB said upon Friday in response to mass media queries.

Among these households, 107 households applied for a BTO level across six of the seven projects, except for Keat Hong Grange.  

10 households applied for an SBF flat, including unsold units through past BTO commences, surplus flats from SERS projects and any flats repurchased by HDB.

Of the 94 households that applied for a flat in the August BTO exercise, 85 applied for a flat within Central Weave @ AMK.

“About nine within 10 applicants fall within the 10 % priority allocation subgroup, which means a vast majority of the particular Ang Mo Kio SERS households is going to be successful in their apps, ” said HDB.

Besides Main Weave at AMK, applications also surpassed the number of units put aside for SERS applicants at Woodlands Southern Plains.

Yet HDB said that those people who are not balloted within the 10 per cent priority quota will get an additional chance of being balloted together with the public candidates.

Balloting is usually ongoing, and HDB will inform candidates of the ballot results at the end of September.  

SERS families who are not successful in the ballot could apply for new houses elsewhere in following BTO and SBF exercises or open booking, said HDB. They also have the option of taking up a new flat at their designated site, or buying a resale flat.

“HDB will always provide personalised assistance for all SERS families and guide all of them on the available rehousing options, so that they can select one that best fits their needs and budget, ” the particular Housing Board stated.